Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, what ever you call it, I hope that you have a good one. I wanted to remind you to keep a lookout for great bonuses and make you aware that great deals you wouldn't usually find at a casino all of a sudden start to become available. Check all of your affiliates lists etc etc because it's that time. Also, this is a great opportunity to get ripped off! So many of these tiny sites make it seem like they are a huge casino passing off a great deal and the next thing you know, you are getting squashed. Always check your latest casino bonuses black list before making any kind of deposits etc. The big sports games are coming up as well and sportsbooks tend to give some really insane deals. They want to get your money on the site before the big game. Look at the specials now, by the time the big games are here they usually aren't actually as great. I have been comprising a list myself and continuing to scrutinize sites for providing poor service to its patrons. One of the companies that I want to point out specifically (because it is very large) is the cirrus casino companies. Thats coolcat, wildvegas,cirrus, dream,bingo knights and several others. They are extremely slow for payouts and have been contacted many times about this. They are so concerned with making sure that bonuses are not being exploited that they require a super long verification and hold your money for the duration. Supposedly this is why. I get really concerned when I hear that things like this are happening. Whenever a casino is REALLY starting to go under, the first thing they do is start to delay payouts. Take fulltilt for example.... For months they were delaying payouts before they eventually went out of business. I personally have make 5-6 cash outs among the cirrus chain and they have all taken well over a month to process which is unacceptable. The average casinos withdrawal period is never more than 2 weeks. Continually, they would lose my verification paperwork or conveniently not get the faxes that I sent. That being said, I did eventually get my money.... after horribly customer service, getting hung up on, and fighting and kicking the entire way there. Please stay away, this is a public warning against using any of their services for your entertainment. I have a dear friend that recently started up his online website and would like for me to share it. So please, if you want to, indulge in how to remove acne scars permanently. I am ready for the Thanksgiving, all the turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes that I could dream of! As a bonus, at the live casinos players at the poker tables tend to get just plain stupid. I guess I just wanted to make a sort of public service announcement. I read a tip to go during the holidays in a David Skalansky book and it really worked out well, so I hope it does for you as well. Thanks again for reading and enjoy the holidays!!!

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