Monday, October 19, 2015

Live Online Casinos Are Just More Fun!

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Recently, I’ve been playing at online casinos that have real employees with my grandfather. It appears that he frequently is up and I always lose, he is constantly pointing it out, what a jerk. Still, we’ve had tons of good times, win or lose. While it's that time, I just wanted to remind people to check out my holiday post!

To begin, today I shall go over live online casinos. I’ll review them as well as what many of the good and bad are. I’ve been noticing these more and more and they are getting favored among streamers and video bloggers, let’s not hesitate, I’ll start.
What are live online casinos anyhow? Well, online websites have found the impersonal algorythm they have just doesn’t make it. The real person gives a more close and interactive experience which isn’t able to be replaced by a computer program. Hence, creatively , websites are mixing video streaming and software to bring you online casino gaming in combination with live dealers that actually deal the cards or spin the wheel and so on. The experience can feel like the player has a personal dealer in your home, we like to pretend ,anyways, and it makes me feel rich!

What are the bonuses to live online casinos? Some speculate that the RNG for a casino is not well generated . It can certainly feel this way, but it is random enough for their purpose. Some say that number generation is too random and so you don’t have those fun streaks that players would if they were playing live. I think this can make the play seem more authentic and the swings feel much more real. Someone cannot be swindled nearly as easy if there’s a human distributing real cards in front of you. I feel the issue may not be the RNG, instead gambling against an automatic dealer just gets you to feel jipped somehow. The group aspect of the experience can be good also, it can be a ton of joy having other players at a table. It also gives the general experience of degenerates saving you or hurting you by “stealing” your cards, or giving you one you really needed instead!

What are the things I don’t like? Well, there might be slow dealers and quick dealers. I have rarely if ever met a dealer which can deal hands as efficiently as a computer. In addition, there are minimum bet requirements and there can be many other people seated at your table. I must point out, if you want to just zone out and play, a program might be better. Humans have accidents, there is nothing worse for example of getting canoodled out of a big win because a real dealer gives your money to another person, although the casinos online appear to be very adept at handling this and also there is footage of the play ,it helps. That might either be good or a bad, still lots of the dealers can be distracting. Websites seem to have women with large boobs which have shirts which I’m surprised if contain them. Besides that, I beleive live online casinos are a great time and much nicer than the traditional web casino feel.

Thank you again for reading my writing. We went over the basics of what a live online casino is and the pros and cons. Anyways, should be worth taking an attempt if you haven’t before. It’s nice to appreciate new mehods on how sites are revamping casino play.

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