Monday, September 7, 2015

Casino Verification Resources

Hello everyone, today I plan on giving you the tools you need in order to find out if a specific casino should be considered a legit form of entertainment, or one of the many scams that seem to have floated their way into the casino scene lately. There are several ways that you can detect if a casino is not what they say they are. Here is a list of tall-tale signs that you should be making your exit quickly:

1.) The casino has an item in their terms of service and it seems to be contradicted. If you are playing a game or even download the casino before depositing and notice that there are games listed to be able to be played that are not part of the promotion that is a bad thing. You should NOT be able to play them while the bonus is active. Also, if there are statements in the casino software itself or anywhere else officially posted that contradict these rules.

2.) If you contact support and they seem to know nothing about the casino. You want a casino that has in house support and is not confused about rules that have been set forth. Normally, when things start to go bad, support starts to contradict rules that the casino has instilled.

3.) There are tons of rules that seem to protect the casino against any kind of malfunction, but there are none that protect a user in any way. Definitely, GET OUT. Do not attempt to play on this kind of site, a contract should have a benefit between both parties and if they are guarantee nothing, but expect the world in return please do not play at their online establishment.

Alongside these rules there are other sites that can help you benefit. Affiliate guard dog is a nice site that gives you some great insight into what casinos have poor business practices. Also, LCB and many smaller blogs are great sources to find out what players REALLY think about these casino giants. That being said, not all online casinos or even most are scams. There is a much greater incentive to keep business and make money the normal way. Losing reputation is a nightmare for most casinos and so it shouldn't be very hard to find out which casinos are not responding to online requests to make things right. There are so many casinos online that my recommendation is, when in doubt, don't. That's all for Casino Informant today, good luck and have fun at the casinos!

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