Saturday, August 29, 2015

Online Casinos and Randomness

Many casinos are ripoffs these days. It seems like anywhere you go they want to treat you like you are Forest Gump. Well, I am not stupid and know what's going on. The great and powerful OZ does not live online and they need to stop acting like they are. Casino Informant is aimed at providing a community that supports and demands online casinos that either provide proof of randomness hashes, or openly disclose what kind of number generator they are using. Since these are supposed to simulate truly random numbers they should have no problem backing it up with what software they use. The fact is, many casinos do not have an incentive to let you win. They will blast you like a rat any change they get. Let's start with the initial inputs, many 'seeds' or the starting data used to create truly random numbers can be made at several online generators including but not limited to:  radioactive decay, thermal noise, shot noise, avalanche noise in Zener diodes, clock drift, the timing of actual movements of a hard disk read/write head, and radio noise. Also, we need to know what kind of pseudo random number generator they are using and that it is cryptologically considered significant. With these being met, you can easily prove what inputs were made and that the output from the day before was accurate. I could for instance visit a sit and look at my bets from the previous day. They could show the input before generation, the hash, and the output. Have you noticed that sometimes on a site you will be and the answer will be generated almost immediately (bet or loss). Other times it seems like it takes forever for the program to decide if you have won or lost. This should not be the case, with keys of the same length and an algorithm that is not discriminatory, the amount of time to calculate such output should remain the same. If you are doing nothing this should not happen and DEFINITELY errors should not happen. Though things can happen according to latency and ping, you shouldn’t see a noticeable difference on almost every bet. I’m very reserved with who I trust and plan on doing much research before referring anyone directly in the future for you. Stay tuned, I'll be setting up several articles to discuss what tall tale signs to look for. Most casinos that have serious problems have several symptoms.... my next article will dissect them in detail.

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